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On behalf of a future, more prosperous & more relaxed you, Congratulations!


Together with this future you, I wanted to take a moment to applaud you for signing up to get the DealCamp SMB Acquisitions Checklist.


The Checklist should be landing in your inbox any minute now.


But first.


Some real talk.


I’m aware of how terrifying the possibility of losing money from a failed acquisition is. 


After putting in all those hours and paying all those legal fees.


And in the end… 


You get nada, zilch, ZERO reward for your effort.


By the way, if you’re worried about this, I recommend getting an LOI signed the moment you and the seller meet after you review the financial statements and do the valuation. There’s a template of the LOI we use for our deals in our Beginner’s Course. But this is NOT a sales email, so I’ll leave it at that. 😉


I also know the risk at the other end of the failure spectrum. 


Of the acquisition going through - and then…


Watching as the business goes bust - slowly and painfully.


I know because I’ve been there.


You can find my story at the end of your Checklist but in short…


During my first-ever acquisition, I listened to a more experienced entrepreneur instead of trusting my experience and gut. 


This led us to buy a storm shelter, which turned out to be a money-sucking machine. 


Trying to turn this disaster around - and failing, led to my darkest moments.


Just to understand how hard I had hit rock bottom - I had a life insurance policy at the time, and I read the fine print to see if taking my own life would put my wife Kristin in a better position. 


I don’t talk about this lightly.


I’m only telling you this so that you know that the reason I’m able to help you is that I’ve lived through the worst-case scenario and used it to fuel an obsession with how to build companies the right way.


The way that leads to flexibility and true financial freedom.


And now, I want to share this formula I’ve used for so many successful acquisitions with you.


But before I do…


…I’d like to applaud you once again for reading this far.


Do you want to know what this signals to me?

  • You’re serious about becoming an acquisition entrepreneur
  • You’re good at doing your due diligence (like learning about who it is you’re learning from)
  • You’re not going to give up at the smallest hurdle (this is not a short email by any stretch, and yet you’ve made it this far)
  • You’re ready to empower yourself with the right tools and knowledge to achieve your dreams

I’m proud to have you in the Deal Camp family.


And I can’t wait to reward your determination with the mindset prep, information, and templates that will BUILD & TRANSFORM your approach to business acquisition success. 


Much - much -  more to come.


But for now, keep your eyes peeled for an Email entitled “Here’s your Checklist”!


Catch you soon,